It’s gonna be a long journey

I feel that the only option I have now is a proper long-term medical solution. Sadly, it will take months, and I will look for counseling in meanwhile to cope with withdrawal. I might be lucky and receive an emergency or bridging prescription.

The Next Day

I’ve booked an endocrinologist appointment on Friday to discuss a one-time prescription just in case.

I’ve been trying to get an appointment with a psychologist (both AXA-paid and fully private) to obtain a diagnosis. I wouldn’t say it was no luck, I still have some hopes there. I expect it to be at least a few months.

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I had a call with NHS GP as well, and she has been very supportive and keen to help. Her plan is to refer me to GIC as well as reach out to them to get more information on obtaining me the bridging prescription.

Meanwhile, I’ve received a call from a pharmacist from AXA, and she told me that the medications I need are readily available in the UK. As soon I have any prescription, they could help me to get a hold on them if there will be any hiccups.

56 Dean Street has re-done my blood. They also agreed to write a letter to my

NHS GP, providing her with advice, and request to help me. It may take a week.

That was all about the conservative approach of the Gender Dysphoria diagnosis to get access to the support.

I’ve had an initial Early Intervention skype with the Gender GP clinic, they are happy to help me with credible medical support, but it may take 8 to 16 weeks. They might help with emergency prescription in between, as they operate on the model of informed consent and don’t need any formal diagnosis.

I’m also going to reach out to the the insurance company transgender people helpline and ask if they could consider claims from the Gender GP clinic.


  1. The call from the insurance company has somewhat alleviated the anxiety.
  2. In a week or so, I might get some help from the NHS.
  3. I might get some help from the Gender GP in a few weeks.
  4. I get medical support in 2–3 months from the Gender GP, though their services aren’t covered by insurance.

This is gonna be hard

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