This is gonna be hard

I haven’t had much progress on Thursday and Friday. Yet, at the end of the day, I rather do less than be dead-tired.

I’ve just reached out for an assessment appointment with a mental health provider. Hopefully, they could help me to cope with anxiety thru this journey. More importantly, help me with everything I might experience after I run out of my hormones.

It’s gonna be a long journey

I feel better seeing the safety net and the pathway, even if the sight is not clear. Besides, I started taking progesterone, which might contribute to emotional stability.

Photo by Juan Molina on Unsplash

HR has set an appointment with the Occupational Health clinic, this should give me more medical and at-work support options. The conversation with the Gender GP is now slowly going on.

Finally, I’ve received a few more responses from psychology doctors, though I have no appointments yet. I learned that the diagnosis might be covered by insurance as well.

This is gonna be hard. But I’m gonna be fine eventually.

And one more thing.

I started writing this to provide my friends, peers, and colleagues with status updates and insights. I then quickly realized that it’s more of a public diary, so I decided to publish it online. Afterward, browsing through reactions, I found a good piece of journalism on it, Why Your Trans Friend is Freaking Out, and oh, I feel soo related and sympathizing.

The COVID situation unique, and it’s affecting everyone in different ways. Please be kind and stay safe.

Cautiously Happy

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