Notes about Home Assistant and HomeKit

Well, it's complicated. I run bunch of outdated hardware, and it is not working as smooth as I expected from Apple. So either I need to upgrade, or I have to research and hack a bit.

The 3rd generation of Apple TV has no CEC support. So I need to read it's status to power on the TV automatically.

Also, the TV has Youtube app, but it couldn't switch the TV on. So it's useful to have a HomeKit Switch to turn it on, and then switch it off with Siri.

My setup


3rd generation of Apple TV is limited in it's HomeKit support. It allows to contol HomeKit accessories remotely, but doesn't support it for shared users. It enables automatically when you log into your iCloud account on the Apple TV. However, for some reason, only Hue brigde is working over multiple devices. Home Assistant accessories are only working on a master device, other devices fails with No response.

Also, I found that Apple TV remote credentials expires every time if the iCloud is enabled on the Apple TV.


So the easiest way to make everything works stable is not to use iCloud with an old Apple TV.

Otherwise, it could be upgraded to the lasest generation, which is advertised with much better HomeKit support, and also supports CEC.