On Mental Health

Prioritise until it hurts.

Who was I trying to impress? I'm no fighter at all right now. I'm barely holding myself from exploding over a little emotion. Why then am I trying to tell myself every time that I should fight?

Maybe because I'm scared for my future. Or even because there will be no future. It sounds to me like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I continue to fight, there will be no future for me. But there is no way I could stop. Maybe because we are the losing this fight as our numbers are small.

Should it be a fight tho? Can we peacefully talk about it? I wish nobody need to spend their energy debunking the myths and pointing out lies. That there are educated, empathetic opinions. And social media are not a gameable bubble-creators.

No lives matter if black lives don't. Means hey white privileged people, no fights matter until this fight is over. Same with every other majority vs minority fight. Minorities need allies.

So I want you who's reading those lines right now to be an ally, because I know you might care. It's relatively simple.

Most importantly, spare your friends some energy. Research yourself.

As for me, I decided I need to take a break. It hurts to let it go, it hurts to let it heal. But, it isn't prioritisation until it hurts.

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